There's not much to say about the confetti shots apart from get loads of confetti! Then when you think you've got enough....get more!

I’ve found that it’s better to provide your own confetti if you want fantastic celebratory confetti shots. The days of people turning up with little boxes of confetti in their bags are over. Plus this way you can pick your own style of the stuff – there’s so much to choose from now!

This is one of the only parts of the day where I’ll step in and take charge. To get an awesome shot I’ll work with your wedding party to get your guests all set up and with handfuls of confetti. Then you two just need to take a slow stroll through everyone as they cheer and cover you in confetti. 

Lots of couples make their own confetti now with leaves or dried petals. Not only are these eco friendly but  it's free too! Plus no-one need to clear it up if its thrown outside.