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Photo Booth 

Hiring a photo booth for your wedding is very popular – the main reason is because they’re so much fun! They entertain your guests as well as providing them with a lovely memento to take home with them. I love a Photo Booth memento from a wedding to stick on the fridge at home! Lots of photo booths now allows guests to create photos and boomerangs which can be instantly printed, air-dropped or emailed to both them & you! Using them to create a printed guest book is also a great idea too! 

DIY Cocktail bar

Everyone loves a cocktails right? Why not make your own DIY cocktail bar at your wedding reception to entertain your guest and get the party started.

singing waiters

Hiring singing waiters to perform at your wedding is a huge new wedding trend and one of my favourites. Performers dress up as staff at your wedding before bursting into song during your wedding breakfast. They’re guaranteed to have everyone up on their feet dancing! I will never forget the faces of guests and the Groom at the first singing waiters performance I photographed - so much fun to get the party started! 

Micheal & Claire's Wedding - St Mellons

Hire a DJ / live band 

Perhaps a bit of an obvious one, but you’ve got to get people on the dance floor...and great music is the best way to do that. Whether its a live band or a DJ, they will know exactly how to get your guests to the dance floor and keep them there all night! 

surprise first dance

Give your guests the shock of their lives by learning a full-on dance routine for your first dance... then performing it in front of everyone! Couples who are well known for having two pairs of left feet will be able to surprise their friends and family with their new-found talents.

Hire a choir

Hiring a choir is another great way to entertain guests during your wedding. There are many different types of choirs to choose from, singing all types of music. 

If you are part of a choir, you just have to join in with them to perform for your guests - Just like Catryn & Gwilym did at their wedding. 

Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House


Hire a Magician to wander around as your guests are enjoying their reception drinks to perform tricks. It’s a skill that really gets the mind working, and your guests will be determined to figure out the secret behind the trick! I love watching peoples reactions as they try to work out how the tricks are preformed.

garden games

If your venue has an outside space , then a great way to entertain your guests is with some classic garden games. Not only are they the perfect ice breaker, but you’ll get endless photo opportunities and all your guests will have so much fun! There are some really easy to 'DIY' garden games that you can make too. Ive already started making some for my own wedding.

Casino tables

Bring the glitz and the glamour of Las Vegas to your wedding day by putting casino tables out at your wedding reception. Play for fun & see who can win the most chips.

Rob & Steph -The Falcondale
Rob & Steph -The Falcondale

unusual guest book

Guest books have always provided guests with something to do in the quiet moments between your wedding breakfast and party. They are also a great keepsake look back on in years to come. 

Children’s Colouring Stations

Colouring can keep kids occupied for hours, so scatter a table with wedding-themed colouring books. You won’t hear a peep from them! If you’d rather keep things contained to the wedding breakfast tables, pop a cute personalised colouring books on each child’s place setting. They’re so sweet and a nice keepsake from the day. 

bouncy castle

Bouncy castles are always a good idea, especially if you’re throwing a summer wedding. They’re great fun to entertain the kids and adults always end up joining them which makes for some fabulous pictures.

Caron & Angharad - Conrah Country Hotel

wedding table games 

Table games at your wedding breakfast is a great way to avoid small talk and awkward conversations between your guests who don’t know each other. I've seen icebreakers questions which includes a mix of conversation starters, questions and dares; advice cards for the newly weds and speech bingo.

speech sweepstake  

Are your guests the gambling kind? Poke a little gentle fun at the bridal party by leaving out wedding speech sweepstakes for your guests to gamble with. They don’t have to bet money – it could be sweets from their favour boxes or a drink at the bar. Make sure the rules are clear though – no one is allowed to check with any of the speech givers to find out how long their speech will be, and there must be a designated time keeper on each table who decides the winner.

host a mr & Mrs quiz

See how well you and your new husband or wife know each other by going head to head in front of all your guests with a Mr & Mrs quiz. Get guests to ask you questions while you hold up paddle board or even your shoes to see if you come up with the same answers. 

Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House
Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House
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