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Frequently asked questions


My package includes travel within a 50 miles of radius of Aberystwyth. I do cover weddings outside of this area but travel and accommodation expenses may be added depending on distance. Please drop me a message for more info on weddings outside of the Aberystwyth area. 

Do we meet before the wedding? 

Although on your wedding day my goal is to always blend-in, but there is no denying that we will spend quite a lot of time together. That's why I think it's super important that we click and that you both feel comfortable with me! It's great if we can meet in person before your wedding day to chat about your plans (or we can just drink tea and eat cake) that way, we won't feel like strangers on the day.


I shoot using my Canon cameras. On a wedding day I photograph with two camera bodies with a range of lenses and a flashes. I always carry back up equipment with me to ensure I can carry on shooting even if something goes wrong.


You're welcome to add an engagement session to your wedding package or even book one completely separately. Pre-wedding sessions are a great way for you to get to know me and how I work, as well as getting in front of the camera before your big day. 


Once you’ve decided you’d like me to be part of your wedding there’s an online contract to read and sign, a booking form and a non -refundable £100 deposit is required to secure your date. Once your deposit and booking form is back with me I’ll confirm the date is all yours. Then I’ll be back in touch about 8 weeks before the wedding to arrange to meet for a chat and to finalise your details. 

WHAT IF YOU’RE ILL on the day? 

I promise I will try very hard not to be ill on your wedding day but sometimes these things are out of my control. Thankfully it hasn’t happened yet. Only something very serious would keep me away from your wedding; in such an event I have a wonderful network of talented photographer friends who I can call upon in an emergency.

DO you do group shots? 

Of course!! These are important but I promise I won't take up too much valuable, socialising (and drinking) time!! I usually find someone in the bridal party to help me round up the guests to make them run a bit quicker - usually someone with a loud voice & someone who knows lots of the guest!!

Do you edit ALL THE IMAGES?

After your wedding day I go through all the images I have taken to choose the keepers, the final selection of images you receive. These are then all hand edited, including cropping, sharpening and colour correcting. The images then receive my final ‘artistic edit’ and are presented in both colour and black & white.

When will we get our photos? 

Im always really excited to share your wedding photos with you, I'll send you a sneak preview a few days after your special day for you to share with family & friends and to get you excited to receive your full gallery. I will then contact you once they are all done - This is usually between 6-8 weeks depending on the time of year.

How will we receive our final images?

I'll deliver your final set of images through a private online gallery. You will have the option of sharing the gallery link with whoever you wish. You'll have unlimited access to the images to download, share, and print images as you wish.

Do you mind us sharing images on social media? 

Not at all!!! I'd love you to share them with your family & friends. If you could link it to me, share my posts or tag me I'd be really grateful! It really helps my little businesses be seen!

Do you do albums? 

Yes of course! There’s no better way to show off your wedding photos. I want you to enjoy looking through your wedding album for years too came. So that when you open up your photo album 25 years later, it'll feel like you're right back there, reliving your wedding day all over again! 

I hope I’ve answered some of the questions you may have but if you have any more or you’d like to  chat about you day please visit the 'get in touch' page.

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