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How to Prepare for a newborn shoot

Zachary's Newborn Shoot

Huge Congratulations and Thank you so much for booking a newborn shoot with me! Time flies by so quickly and before you know it they'll be crawling, walking and talking.​ Newborn photographs will be something you will truly treasure forever. 


Here are a few tips on how to prepare for your Newborn shoot. 


I highly recommend that you try and keep your little one awake for as long as possible prior to your session and feed them just before you leave home so baby is nice and sleepy. Also be prepared to offer them a small top up feed once you arrive and have undressed baby. 

What should baby wear?

It is best to dress baby in a simple button up baby grow with no vest underneath. This makes undressing them a lot easier & hopefully won't wake them. Most of the newborn poses are done without baby wearing any clothes but I do have some little outfit to choose from if you'd prefer them to be wearing something. 

What if my baby cries or won’t sleep at the session?

It is very possible that your baby will cry at some point in the session. This is because babies do cry when they are tired or hungry. I will always take my time to settle baby to ensure they are in a deep settled sleep. It is very normal for the first hour of the session involving settling the baby. Some babies sleep within 2 minutes, others can take a little longer. 


Newborn sessions vary in length depending on baby. Some newborn sessions can be long and other are done quite quickly. I always allocate 2-4 hours for each newborn session, this allows time for feeding, changing, settling etc. Please don't worry if your session is taking longer than you thought it might, I never book anyone in after a newborn shoot so we can keep going as long as we need to. 

What if my baby makes a mess on your blankets/set up?   

Lots of people worry about this. It happens all the time, it comes with the job and it’s honestly no problem. Everything is washable and most things wipeable. If your baby poops or pees on a blanket, I simply turn it around or we change it - everything gets washed after every session anyway so please don't worry.

parent & sibling Photos   

I think it is really important that you exist in photos. I love taking a family photo in your newborn session. If you bring any siblings I'll suggest that we do them first as they can get a little bored waiting until the end.


Anything really, keeping the colours neutral, whites, dark greys, or navy often works well and is not harsh against your skin tone. The room will be quite warm to ensure baby sleeps so layers are ofter best. 

Can we take photos on our phone?

I must insist you do not head over and take photos of your baby on set. You are here for me to take beautiful, professional keepsake images for you. Let me take care of the photographs while you sit and relax, admiring your precious newborn.


One thing I do allow, is when you are sat on the chair, you can take a behind the scenes photo, but I must be in the photograph. I love seeing your behind the scenes photographs of your newborn session here with me.

Viewing your photos

I will send you a sneak preview from your session within a couple of days. Once they are all ready I will upload them onto a private password protected gallery for you to view & choose your images from.

You will receive 5 digital images of your choice, with matching 7x5 prints free with your newborn session. Information on additional products can be found on the Product & Package page.

How to find me 

I have a little home studio at my home address where the all the studio sessions take place. If you can't find me for any reason or have any other questions please feel free to message or give me a call - 07929051493 

40 Cefn Esgair, Llanbadarn Fawr, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion, SY23 3JG

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