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Advice for planning your wedding

From past couples 

The Cwtch Wedding Workshop

DO what makes you happy 

"Enjoy it! It’s not supposed to be stressful"

Get a dress you can move in 

"Wedding dresses come in all different shapes and sizes. Remember when you're dress shopping that you'll be wearing it all day so make sure you are comfortable. Try on different styles, they may look and feel very different on to a style you had in mind."

Have comfy shoes 

"Who doesn't love shoes! Especially beautiful wedding shoes, but remember that they need to be comfy! It's a good idea to have some flat, comfortable shoes that you can change into if your feet are hurting. These are great for when we head off for your portraits & for hitting the dance floor later on in the night"


"You have so much to think about, delegate jobs to people you trust. Both in the preparation and on the wedding day. Use your talented friends, they will love to help you out"

Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House

Keep It Simple

"All you need for a good time is good food & good music"

DOn't stress about the small stuff

"All those little details might feel like a big deal to you, (and yes they look lovely once they are done) but no-one will notice if they aren't there, don't stress about it, just enjoy the planning"

Suzy & Ian - Ty Glyn Hotel
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