+ Hafod hotel WEDDING 

jason & Andrea - 20th september 2019

Andrea and her bridesmaids spent the night before the wedding, chilling out together and enjoying the hot tub at Tynrhyd, a gorgeous holiday retreat, just outside of Aberystwyth.  

After an early morning wake up call the girls enjoyed croissants and bubbly for breakfast before being pampered, having their hair and make up done, ready for the day ahead. The atmosphere was so relaxed as they chilled out together, excitedly talking about the day to come. Once everyone was dressed and ready, the girls drove to meet the boys. 

Jason and the groomsmen got ready at home before heading to the ceremony to wait for the bridal party to arrive. 

The ceremony was a beautiful service lead by members of their family in their local Kingdom Hall. This was such a lovely personal touch to celebrate their marriage. 

Next everyone heading into town for my favourite part of the day. The train ride to the venue. Guests mingled enjoying drinks and canapés excitedly waiting to board the train ride upto devils bridge. Once everyone was boarded, I stood on the platform excitedly waving them off as the train slowly started to head into the country side. I quickly jumped in the car and raced the train to the first stop and waited for the wedding party to arrive. Everyone (including me) was shocked that I'd made it there before them, waving excitedly out of the window when they noticed me. Jason then jumped into the driving seat with some of the children to help drive the train to the next station. Im not sure who was more excited - the children or Jason! 

A few stops later the train drivers refilled the train with water while guests stretched the legs and admired the beautiful views you could see for miles around. The couple quickly jumped onto the front of the train for some fab photos as the guest all boarded back onto the steam train to take them to the venue. 

Guests then took a short walk down the road to the venue which had been beautifully decorated with flowers and lights. Once everyone was seated we enjoyed a delicious hog roast before the next surprise - a singing waiter. Everyone including Jason was so shocked when the waiter went flying, carrying a plate of cutlery, before bursting out into song. Everyone was then up on their feet - and the tables, dancing away. This got the party going ready to party long into the night. 

After the speeches the newly weds (and I) jumped into the car to go for some portrait photos in the beautiful country side near the hotel. On the way back we got stopped by one of their guests who asked to take them back in the back of his tractor - he'd even cleaned it all out so they couldn't really say no! This was another great photo opportunity for me and another fabulous person touch to add to their wedding day!