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The boys - Advice & Tips 

The boys - Advice & Tips 






Remember not to be late! You have to be with the registrars by the time they’ve given you, churches are a bit more relaxed but registrars have a strict timeline and will be performing other weddings.

While waiting at the end of the aisle, remember to look up. This is your first chance to see each other on your wedding day, grooms look at that beautiful bride walking towards you, don’t be shy.

Sometimes photos can take a little time, but smile and enjoy them, these photos are going to be with you forever. I'll try not to keep you for long. 

If you're planning a surprise for your big day, let me know so I'm ready with my camera to capture it! 

Cwtch Wedding Workshop

On the day, take some time out with your bride, even for a few minutes. It can be a little crazy with every minute planned out and everyone wanting your attention, but find a break so the two of you can just enjoy your own company for a little while - the bride and groom portraits are perfect for this!









Be there for your groom if he needs your help getting people and items. 

Put your phone, wallet etc in your back pocket or jacket pocket, it looks much better in the pictures. 

Let me know if you have any personal touches, funky socks, cool cuff links, heirlooms such as a pocket watch or wrist watch - I want to photograph them too.

In the photos the groom gets to choose how to stand, hands in pockets, hands clasped in front, hands behind back - whatever feels most comfortable.

It's a good idea to get the Bride and Groom a drink, they ofter don't get a chance to get one for themselves during the reception as they are having photos, being stopped by people etc. If they have one, hang on to it while they have photos taken. They'll really appreciate it in-between shots. 

During group shots I may ask for your help to round people up to make the group shots go as quickly as possible, so everyone can spend more time partying!! 

You may want to pick up the groom - go for it! as long as I have the camera ready I’m all up for it!. Just don’t drop him!


Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House

how to attach Button holes


Hold the buttonhole upright, making sure the flowers are at the top. Lay it flat against the left lapel in the right position, just above the heart just up from the pocket (not too high).


Whilst holding the buttonhole onto the lapel with your left hand, turn the lapel exposing the back.


With your right hand, thread the pin through the fabric and through the flower stem just below the flower heads and back in the fabric at a slight downward angle. Make sure its tight by giving it a little wiggle.

Daniel & Paul - Nantoes Mansion
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