CAKE SMASH Photography

It’s so much fun to watch your little one and their reactions to the cake smash – will they approach it with caution, or dive in face first? Your session will start with their one-year portrait, where you have the choice of whether to put your little one in one of my outfits in the studio or one of your own.  When they’re all dressed up, I will start snapping away to get those beautiful images before moving on to the fun main, messy part of their birthday shoot.

Even if they don’t dive in face first, your little ones love exploring in the cake, feeling the texture in their hands, the icing will soon be flying around the studio! Thankfully, after that it’s straight into my tiny tub on set, for some bubbly fun. I’ll capture images of your little one splashing around, and as a bonus, they’ll be handed back to you squeaky clean and (mostly) icing-free!


I have a selection of outfits to match any theme & I provide the cake, (my Mother-in-law happens to have her own cake making business - so thats super handy!) all you have to do is decide on a colour or theme that you'd like & we'll do the rest. ​

Cake Smash Package - £99

Includes A mini birthday session to start, the cake smash - the messy part & a splash session to get all clean  // Choice of colour or theme // A homemade cake - made by a local baker // Full use of props //An online gallery for you to view & download the full gallery of images //

Frequently Asked questions

When should I book my cake smash session?

It's best to arrange your cake smash as soon as possibe. Some people like to have it done a couple of weeks before your little ones birthday to ensure that the images are back in time for their birthday, others like to do it as close to their birthday as possible, or even on the day. It's entirly up to you.

How long will my session be?

Cake Smash session are usually around an hour long, but all sessions vary depending on how much you little one is enjoying the cake (or willing to share!) They usually tell us when they want to finish.

Can siblining & parents join in?

Yes of course! I think it is really important you to exist in photos. Plus there is always enough cake for everyone! Once I've got enough images of your little one, you're more than welcome to join in. Little ones who are a bit wary to start with usually join straight in with a little help from parent and siblings too. Please be aware that your probably likely to get covered in cake too!!

What do I need to bring with me?

Nothing really, except you & your gorgeous little family! If you'd like your little one in a particular outfit your welcome to bring it along with you or you can use the outfits in my studio.

Can I take photos with my phone?

I must insist you do not head over and take photos of your little one on set. You are here for me to take beautiful, professional keepsake images for you. Let me take care of the photographs while you sit and relax. One thing I do allow, is when you are sat on the chair, you can take a behind the scenes photo, but I must be in the photograph. I love seeing you behind the scenes photographs of your sessions here with me.

How will we view our images?

I will send you a sneak preview from your session within a couple of days. Once they are all ready I will upload them onto a private password protected gallery for you to view & download your images from.

Do I need to supply the cake?

No. I supply a cake with your session fee. My mother-in-law has her own cake making business, which is super handy, so she makes the cakes for your cake smash in her own bakery kitchen underneath the studio. If you little one has any allergies, please let me know when booking. The cake will be made to match any theme or colour scheme that you choose.

Do you mind us sharing images on social media?

Not at all!!! I'd love you to share them with your family & friends. If you could link it to me, share my posts or tag me I'd be really grateful! It really helps my little businesses be seen!