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Wedding Planning blog 

Welcome to my wedding planning blog and a big Congratulations on your engagement! I'm currently in the middle of planning my own wedding so I know exactly how you're feeling. All the excitement of planning your big day mixed with the many decisions you have to make. This is probably the first time you've planned an event of this size and no one really tells you how difficult it can be. 

I'll be sharing some top tips that I've picked up along the way whilst capturing lots of awesome weddings the alongside ideas I have come across whilst planning my own.

Tracy & Jack - Nanteoes Mansion - Expres
Leanne and Laki - Nanteos Mansion
Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House
Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House
The Cwtch Wedding Workshop
Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House
Daniel & Paul's Wedding - Nanteos Mansio
Llanerchaeron National Trust
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