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How to Plan the best Wedding day schedule

I'm sure you'll want to make the most of every second on your big day so it’s essential to get timings and a wedding day schedule right, to make sure your wedding day is as fun and relaxed as possible.

Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House

getting ready

Getting ready can take longer than you expect, so ask your make up artist when they need to start. I’ll arrive with you around 3 hours before the ceremony to capture the end of your hair and make up being done and all the excitement of the morning preparations.

Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House
Jason & Andrea - Vale of Rheidol Railway


I will aim to leave for the ceremony around 20 minuets before you to ensure Im there, parked & in place. This will give me a chance to have a quick chat with the registrar and to photograph the last of the guests arriving before the wedding party arrives. 

The Ceremony 

Ceremonies come in all different shapes and sizes nowadays and are full of personal touches, From the readings you've chosen to the vows you're going to make. While all these personal touches are great they will affect each wedding time schedule differently and will need to be considered while planning your day. Non church ceremonies can be over pretty quickly, so soak it all in take your time and enjoy it!

Elin & Huw - Llanerchaeron National Trus
Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House


If you want fun confetti shots after the ceremony is the times to do it! It's best to buy it in bulk so there's plenty to go around. To get an awesome shot I’ll work with your wedding party to get your guests all set up and with handfuls of confetti.

Daniel & Paul's Wedding - Nanteos Mansio


After the ceremony is the part where you can both really relax and have fun with your friends and family. I love this part of the day. It’s really relaxed, you’re having a good old catch up with your friends and family and I can get those relaxed shots that you’ve booked me for.


These are super important but I promise I won't take up too much valuable, socialising (and drinking) time!! It's best to do around six or seven groups which will take up around 30 minuets. I usually find someone in the bridal party to help me round up the guests to make them run a bit quicker - usually someone with a loud voice & someone who knows lots of the guest!!


Although its your special day, you won't actually get to spent that much time together - Just the two of you! After the ceremony everyone will want a little chat and congratulate you both. Portraits are the perfect way to spend some time together as newly weds. We’ll just head off on a walk together, I’ll have had a little look around to find a few locations, and I’ll capture you two giggling together. I’m not going to ask you to throw some crazy poses (although your more than welcome too), I’ll just make sure you’re in the best light and get you to hug each other then I’ll snap away while you chat and laugh together.

The Cwtch Wedding Workshop


Save around 2 hours for your wedding breakfast. It takes time for the caterers to serve and clear up for all your guests. Remember to eat something yourselves – a lot of couples don’t seem to get a chance to eat as all your guests want to speak to you!


Traditionally wedding speeches take place after the food but I've seen lots of weddings where they are done before. This is great if your speakers are nervous - it gets them out the way so they can enjoy their food. After dinner usually means guests will pay attention rather than thinking about food.


Lots of couples feel the first dance is super awkward but often a dance floor won’t get going until you dance yourselves. Once the song has started and you've shown everyone your moves (or have a little shuffle) You can invite your wedding party to join you. 

Catryn & Gwilym - Conrah Counrty House


Everything has been done and you can really let your hair down and hit the dancefloor. A great way to get everyone up on the dance floor is to ask for song requests when they RSVP. That way they have to dance to their song choice and will keep everyone on the dance floor all night long! 

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